DNA Theatre - "The Large Glass"

The latest experimental show of DNA Theatre is called "The Large Glass' and is a multidisciplinary: installation where the audience passes through created rooms one at a time carved out of the empty space of an office tower. The creative team of theatre, dance and visual artists, were given the premise of the “fuiyam" portrait. Apparently, in early Christian Egypt, brides had their portraits painted, and when they died, these were put in their tombs.

Some creators included people in their mix like a wandering waif who offers wine, or a kitten with a whip. Others fashioned visual and sensory displays. All in all, it is an experiential affair, set against the dramatic backdrop of a modern cityscape, which provocatively asks the question - just how much has the role of women really changed over the centuries? The installation is as disturbing as it is intriguing.

CLASSICAL 96.3FM | june 29, 2005