Through a Glass Brightly

DNA Theatre does it again - creates something that is not quite visual art, not quite theatre, but all experience. Book a reservation for their new show THE LARGE GLASS, which takes place in the magic hours of sunset to dark, on the top floor of a waterfront skyscraper. What you will find there is a meditation on love and marriage and romance and bondage and all our images about couplehood and more, inspired by the idea of a young bride posing for a portrait. Between the digital projections, paintings, dance and movement, both you and the construction zone environment pecome part of the art. It will surprise, confuse, startle, provoke, and amuse you, and even if you hate it, it will give you something to talk about. A rare and unusual half hour at the top of the city, unlike any magical sunset evening you're ever likely to experience in the city. Just go. (If nothing else, you'll get to see a great view!)

CBC RADIO - HERE AND NOW | june 21 2005